I have had a pencil or a brush in my hand ever since I can remember and two decade’s experience working with interior design allowed me to develop and fine-tune my own artistic medium. I have always believed that no interior can be unique or individual without art; not as an afterthought, but at the core of a design.

Having recently started exhibiting my work in a central London art gallery, many of my pieces now find themselves in private and corporate collections across London, New York, Barcelona and Warsaw.

My other long held passion is for furniture.

Now the two are interwoven in my own take on hand made: sleek, modern, minimalist yet opulent.

The images here are only indications of what is possible.

An idea for a design can come from any part of my artwork, so the finished piece is an amalgam of your imagination and my skill.

My inspiration comes from the unsurpassed beauty of nature: the vast and the minute, the ever- changing, the always new and visually fresh.

I am fascinated by the natural essence of colour and it’s dependence on light as the ultimate illusion tool.
My gilding technique gives me a way of capturing beautiful moments without forcing them into static forms.

All my work is interactive, in that it transforms according to varying light sources.
Either blending in by reflecting surrounding colours or gleaming against dark surfaces, the pieces endlessly reveal new versions of themselves.

 darren baker gallery

In every piece of furniture I create, the natural luminosity of metal leaf is enhanced by layers of crystal clear varnish
– a sort of modern take on gilded and lacquered Chinese furniture.


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